Bibb 18ct.                                                     27.00
Bibb 12ct.                                                     18.00
Green Leaf 12ct.                                       18.00
Galisse Green Oak                                     18.00
Red Leaf 12 ct.                                          18.00
Garden Mix 3lb                                         19.50
Salanova® Baby Lettuces                25.00/20ct cs
                       Mixed Case                    27.50/20ct cs      Green Lollo, Red Lollo, Red Sweet Crisp, Green Sweet Crisp, Green Butter, Red Butter, Green Oak & Red Oak - more info

Fresh Herbs:
Watercress                                             1.75/bunch
Arugula                                                   1.75/bunch
                                                                     8.00 /lb 
Baby Arugula                                       2.00/2 oz bunch

Basil                                                          2.00/bunch
Bronze Fennel                                2.00/bunch
​Bay                                                           2.00/bunch
Chives                                                     2.00/bunch
Cilantro                                                 2.00/bunch
Dill                                                           2.00/bunch
Mint                                                        2.00/bunch
Oregano                                                2.00/bunch
Parsley, curly                                     1.75/bunch
Parsley, flat                                         1.75/bunch
Rosemary                                            2.00/bunch
Sage                                                        2.00/bunch
Sorrel                                                    2.00/bunch
Tarragon                                              2.00/bunch
Thyme                                                   2.00/bunch 
Lemon Thyme                                     2.00/bunch

Mixed Micro Greens:
Standard Mix w/flower petals:                    14.00/4oz

Italian Blend:                                                        4.00/oz
(Frisee, Endive, Red Kale, Basil, Arugula, Bulls Blood Beets w/flower petals) 

Fine Herb Blend:                                                 4.00/oz
(Basil, Amaranth, Bulls Blood Beets, Dill,  Celery, w/flower petals)

Custom Mixes Available, prices vary.

Individual Micros:

Amaranth, Basil (Purple), Celery, Chervil, Dill, Endive, Sorrel, or Red Beets                                                                                                                        4.00/oz

Arugula, Curly Cress, Kale, Kohlrabi, Mizuna, 
Radish or Red Mustard                                                 3.00/oz

Garnishes & Specialty Items:

Corn Shoots                                                        8.00/4oz
Pea Shoots                                                           4.00/3oz
​Sunflower Shoots                                              6.00/4oz

Flower Confetti                                                15.50/2oz
Edible Flowers:                                                  3.00/dozen
  Begonias, Fuchsia, &  Nasturtiums

Herbal Bouquets 3.00/each

    We have been providing Chefs in Lancaster and York Counties with high quality, unique and fresh produce and garnishes for the last 25 years and we love doing so! If you don't see something you are looking for we can most likely grow it for you; please let us know! Please note: We may need 2-3 weeks notice to meet special orders, depending on availability.

Rosemary growing in perlite
Upper Greenhouse; Mizuna
Micro Radish 
Garden Mix and Flower Confetti
Opal & Green Micro Basil Mix
Corn & Pea Shoots
*We have a limited supply Garden Mix *

New Product: Cheese Curds - See Below
Our Own Baby Ginger - $9.00/lb or $40.00/ 5 lb cs
Pesticide Free Hydroponics Sweet Bell Peppers - $24/half bushel $3.00/lb
Pesticide Free Jalapenos - $4.00/lb 
Pesticide Free Hot Peppers: Habenero, Serrano, & Thai Chili - Limited Availability - $4.00/half pint
Pesticide Free Hydroponic Scallions - $2.00/bunch

Organic Fingerlings Potatoes $2.25/lb or $38/20 lbs case
Organic Blue Potatoes - $28.00/half bushel or $1.75/lb 
Organic Gold or Red Potatoes - $28.00/half bushel or $1.75/lb 
Organic Beauregard Sweet Potatoes $1.75/lb or $32/half bushel
Organic Large Sweet Potatoes - $30.00/30lb case (available by full case only)
Organic Fingerling Sweet Potatoes - $24.00/20lb case or $1.50/lb
Organic Garlic - $10.00/lb

Honey Crisp Apples, 75% reduced spray 2nds only - $20.00/half bushel
York County Cauliflower - $3.00/hd or $21.00/8ct
York County Broccoli - $2.50/head or $27.00/12ct 
Leeks - $2.75/lb or $25.00/10lb
Lunchbox Peppers - $28.00/half bushel box or $2.50/lb
Small Butternut Squash - $1.50/each or $16.00/12ct
Butterscotch (personal sized butternut) Squash - $1.50/ea or $15.00/12ct
Acorn, Carnival, Angel Hair Spaghetti, & Delicata Squash - $1.50/ea or $15.00/12ct
Spaghetti Squash - $2.25/each or $24.00/12ct
Red Cherry Tomatoes - $40.00/12pt or $4.00/pint 

Free Range Soy/GMO Free Eggs - $49.00/15dz case or $4.00/dz

Chemical Free Carrots - $2.25/lb or $28.00/15lb case
Chemical Free White Candy Onions - $20.oo/half bushel or $1.50/lb
Chemical Free Red Onions Small - $24.00/half bushel or $1.75/lb

 (Mushroom Orders need to be placed by 4pm Wednesday for Friday sales)

King Oyster - $27.00/3# case or $43.00/5lb case
Oyster - 25.00/5lb case
Maitake - 33.00/3lb case or $52.00/5lb case
Pioppino - 33.00/3lb case
Pom Pom - 33.00/3lb case
Crimini - $22.00/10lb case
Shiitake - $27.00/5lb case
Portabella - $18.50/5lb case

Prices and availability subject to change!

Page Updated 11/05/2018

Made Fresh to Order! Orders must be placed a week in advance (the Thursday before a Thursday or Friday delivery) 
Current flavors available: Plain, Garlic & Dill, Onion & Chives, Pizza, and Hot Pepper. $36.00/5lb bag
Samples available $5.00/8oz - limited selection

​Cheese - Country View Creamery in York County:
All Cheese orders need to be placed before noon for next day delivery.
Sample 8oz blocks are available upon request ($2.00 - $4.00 each depending on variety) 

Colby, - $6.50/20oz block or $3.95/lb for a 5lb block
Havarti, Hot Colby, & Cheddar - $7.00/20oz or $4.75/lb for a 5lb block
Smoked Colby, - $7.00/20oz block or $5.25/lb for a 5lb block 
Yogurt Cheese, & Pizzarella Cheese - $7.50/20oz block or $5.00/lb for a 5lb block

Garlic & Dill Cheddar, Garlic & Chives Cheddar,
Buffalo Wing Cheddar, Habenero Cheddar, Gouda & Old Bay Cheddar 
- $7.50/20oz block or $5.25/lb for a 5lb block

Sharp Cheddar - $8.00/20oz block or $5.50/lb for a 5lb block
Smoked Cheddar - $8.00/20oz or $5.75/lb for a 5lb block
Baby Swiss, Smoked Gouda, & Smoked Old Bay - $8.50/20oz block or $5.75/lb for a 5lb block
Swiss & Horseradish Cheddar - $8.50/20oz block or $6.00/lb for a 5lb block
Smoked Horseradish, & Smoked Swiss - $9.00/20oz block or $6.75/lb for a 5lb block